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patchwork man book cover

The Patchwork Man

Beauty is more than the sum of its parts…

When her magic vanishes, conjuring witch Daisy Summers loses the most important part of herself. She doesn’t feel whole without her powers, and she refuses to accept that she’s destined to be normal.

After a fatal crash, Haven Knight is resurrected multiple times, stitched and patched, reformed and put in traction, all while in a coma. Now he’s on the run, looking for a place to hide, from people, his memories, and the pain of his past. Haven would give anything just to be normal.

Who needs normal when they can each have extraordinary?

spooky  halloween scene
patchwork man book cover  halloween story
all wrapped up book cover   by Laurie Keck   halloween story
The Wild One book cover by Maggie McBay
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