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Sydney Janzen has it all—the teaching job of her dreams,  a dad she adores, a cuddly bundle of love in her Yorkie,

 a beautiful home, and more money than she can ever spend, no matter how many antique books she buys. Even better than all that, she’s a witch living in the mystical town of Blansett, North Carolina, running a magic shop part-time with her three wonderful, beautiful cousins.


 She loves her routine and her life and is perfectly content in every way. And then Nick Spencer comes to Magicville, pushes his big, hunky body  into her tidy little world, and tries to pull her into a world of chaotic sensations,

sensations she doesn’t even want.


Nick Spencer lives with two talented witches and knows a push when he feels one. When Sydney Janzen tries to push him out of her life—both literally and mentally—he recognizes she’s the queen of push, filled with powerful magic. Sydney, however, can’t control Nick with her talent like she can most others, and Nick takes advantage, pulling her closer and closer until she’s wrapped up in his life, held spellbound, without a touch of magic on his part.

But Nick has one special talent, one that allows him to feel magical signatures,  and it soon becomes clear to the women of Mystic Tides that someone is out to steal The Hammer of Demons from Sydney’s special collection. Anyone who wants that book can’t be good,

 and the cousins will each need to work their special brand of magic  to keep their town safe and evil at bay.